West Virginia Community Corrections Grant Program

The West Virginia Community Corrections Act is Chapter 62, Article 11c of the West Virginia Code, as amended.

The goal of the West Virginia Corrections Act is to provide a means for communities to develop, establish and maintain community based corrections programs to provide the judicial system with sentencing alternatives for those offenders who may require less than institutional custody. 

Objectives for the grant program include:

  1. Flexibility and involvement in responding to crime at the community level
  2. Effective protection of society and efficiency in the delivery of correctional services
  3. Opportunity for offenders to make restitution to victims
  4. Operate programs specifically designed to meet the needs of offenders
  5. Sentencing alternatives to reduce recidivism
  6. Community based programs to address local criminal justice needs
  7. Ensure space is available in Regional Jails and Correctional Facilities for offenders deemed the most dangerous
  8. Promote accountability of offenders to their community

Community Corrections programs may provide but are not limited to the following services:

Ø      Probation supervision

Ø      Day fine

Ø      Community service restitution

Ø      Home incarceration

Ø      Substance abuse treatment

Ø      Sex offender containment

Ø      Licensed domestic violence offender treatment

Ø      Day reporting centers

Ø      Educational or counseling

Ø      Drug Courts

Eligible applicants include County Commissions (on behalf of one county or a combination of counties and municipalities) and the WV Supreme Court (on behalf of one county or a combination of counties and  municipalities).  A program may be organized by the local community criminal justice board or by application of a local chief probation officer, with the written approval of the chief judge of the circuit, with a showing of local community and local criminal justice system involvement in the program. 

All Community Corrections Programs shall include the following four (4) core elements:

1.     Intake and Risk and Needs Assessment

2.     Services

3.     Reentry and Aftercare

4.     Community Corrections Program Evaluation

Grant funds may be used for personnel, contractual services, equipment, training, technical assistance, and information systems.

The Legislative Rule regarding Community Corrections Standards can be read by clicking here.

Should you need further information, clarification or assistance, please contact Tim Hanna at 304-558-8814 extension 53339 or Sean Nolan extension 53318.